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The Sutphen Family Network is a website for the Texas Sutphen families. Although main purpose of the site is communication within the family, there is quite a bit of our genealogical information here .

There are now six or seven different known lines of Sutphens in Texas.The original two lines are descendants of either John S. and Matilda Sutphen or Abaraham Sutphen, who came to Texas in 1850 from Tennessee. The Marston Sutphen line came to Thurber, Texas in 1900. The David and Spencer Sutphen line came from Kansas to Beaumont, Texas shortly after 1900. Clinton Sutphen came to Dallas in 1946. The Peter Sutphen line came to Texas from New Jersey in 1968. A possible seventh line came from Philedelphia. Almost all of the information on the website is on the John and Matilda Sutphen line. As I get information on the other lines, I will add it.

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