Texas Birth Records

These records are from two online databases: Footnote.com and FamilySearch.org. Footnote has some records from 1903-1910 and 1926-1929; it is a paid service unless your library has purchased access. FamilySearch is owned by the LDS, and is a free service. Their records cover 1903-1934.

Brock, Laverne

Hill, either Lillian or Gladys

Largent, Mattie Lou

Largent, Mattie Lou, amendment

Scogin, Edwin Loyce, amendment

Sutphen, Charles M.

Sutphen, Emma Fay

Sutphen, Isaac Brennand and Ira Holt

Sutphen, Jack Bell

Sutphen, James R.

Sutphen, Margie

Sutphen, Sibyl Clydene

Sutphen, Zan

Sutphen, Zelma D.

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