Confederate States of America Compiled Service Records

These service records are from the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm archives.
Information about the Texas regiments is from "Compendium of the Confederate Armies of Texas" by Stewart Sifakis.
If specific battles are known, links are provided to the Battle Summary provided by the National Park Service, American Battlefield Protection Program.
The National Parks Service's Civil War Soldiers' and Sailors' System allows you to search for ancestors and learn their Regiment and Company. Some regimental histories are also on this site.

National Archives & Records Administration Microfilm M323: Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Texas

The linked records were copied from microfilm and scanned. The M323 collection consists of 445 rolls of microfilm (read the M323 Roll Descriptions). is now scanning the M323 records and other NARA archives and making them available online for a fee.
More records and information will be added as time allows.
Higher-resolution images are available for all records linked here. E-mail me for copies.

Texas Cavalry Regiments Texas Infantry Regiments

3rd Battalion, State Troops
4th Regiment
7th Regiment
12th - Parson's Mounted Volunteers
14th - Johnson's Mounted Volunteers
17th - Moore's Regiment
24th - Wilkes' Regiment
31st - Hardeman's Regiment
37th - Terrell's Regiment
Benavides' Regiment

7th - Gregg's Regiment
12th - Young's Regiment

3rd Battalion, Cavalry, Texas State Troops
Unit information

4th Texas Cavalry Regiment
4th Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers
1st Regiment, Sibley's Brigade

M323-26 to M323-31
Unit information

Company H

7th Texas Infantry
Also called Gregg's Regiment
Part of Granbury's Texas Brigade, 1863-1864
Unit information
Read a history of the regiment

Company D

7th Texas Cavalry Regiment
7th Mounted Volunteers; 3rd Regiment, Sibley's Brigade
Unit information

Company I

12th Texas Infantry Regiment
Also called the 8th Infantry and Young's Regiment
Part of the First Brigade, Walker's Texas Division

Unit information
See the regiment's muster rolls online
M323-356 to M323-361

Company G

Company I

12th Texas Cavalry Regiment
Also called Parson's Mounted Volunteers and 4th Dragoons
Part of Parson's Brigade
Unit information
See the Regiment's history and Muster Rolls online
M323-71 to M232-74

Company E, "Ellis County Grays"

14th Texas Cavalry Regiment
Also called Johnson's Mounted Volunteers
1st Regiment, Johnson's Brigade

Unit information
M323-81 to M232-84

Company C

17th Texas Cavalry Regiment
Also called Moore's Regiment
Part of Granbury's Texas Brigade, 1863-1864
Unit information
M323-93 to M232-98

Company A

Company B

Company H

24th Texas Cavalry Regiment
Also called Wilkes' Regiment; 2nd Texas Lancers
2nd Regiment, Carter's Brigade
Part of Granbury's Texas Brigade, 1863-1864
Unit information
M323-119 to M232-123

Company I

31st Texas Cavalry
Also called Hardeman's Regiment
1st Regiment, Arizona Brigade
M323-195 to M232-196
Unit information

Company A

37th Texas Cavalry
Also called Terrell's Regiment; 34th Cavalry
Became part of the 4th Brigade, Walker's Texas Division late in the war
Unit information
M323-177 to M232-179

Company A

Company G

Company K

Benavides' Regiment, Texas Cavalry
Unit information
M232-184 to M323-185

Company G

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