A Pictorial History of Waco

This book was written by Roger Conger and first published in 1945.

Page 18, Neil McLennan
Page 18, Neil McLennan, Jr.
Page 27, Members of Clan McLennan
Page 27, McLennan markers in Oakwood Cemetery after move fromfamily graveyard, 1959
Page 28, Letter recounting the recovery of Bosque John McLennan from the Indians
Page 29, Bosque John McLennan
Page 29, Dan and Ann McLennan
Page 110, original 1845 log cabin of Neil McLennan
Page 110, Dedication of Neil McLennan monument, 1932
Page 111, Duncan McLennan house, 1895
Page 111, Duncan McLennan house, 1954
Page 111, back part of Duncan McLennan house
Page 113, McLennan log cabin
Page 254, written agreement for a trail herd, Neil McLennan Jr., 1874

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