The Sutphen Civil War Letters

Most of these letters were written by William Crisman Sutphen to his wife, Sarah Wilson Oxsheer Sutphen during the Civil War. William died of measles in Pine Bluff, Arkansas (near Little Rock) in 1862 while serving in the Confederate Army, 17th Dismounted Cavalry Regiment (Moore's Regiment), Company H. The letters were handed down to the descendants of George Ellmore Sutphen, William and Sarah's only surviving child.

November 1861 - scans of the original; Sheryl Sutphen has the original of this letter.
This letter was written by George W. Sutphen, one of William's brothers. He was in the 4th Texas Cavalry Regiment (1st Regiment, Sibley's Brigade), and was killed in action in Franklin, Louisiana in April of 1863.

April 28, 1862 - Scans of the original; Sheryl Sutphen has the original of this letter
May 5, 1862 - Scans of a photocopy; location of the original is unknown
May 15, 1862 - letter from Sarah to William - scan of a photocopy, location of original letter is unknown
May 30, 1862 - scans of a photocopy; Eunice Billingsley was last known to have the original
William C. Sutphen's journal and items that were in the envelope with it

Probably the envelope to the first letter listed above

Newspaper clipping from unknown paper, edited to fit screen

Journal cover
The journal has several blank pages. The last page shown is actually in the back of the book.

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