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Sutphen family members can have their own “site” within the website. If you know how, you can create it yourself; if not, simply lay out what you want in Word, e-mail it to me, and I will create it for you. You can even sketch it by hand and mail it if you want.

Site Address
Your site address will be Name means your first name only if your last name is Sutphen. If your last name is not Sutphen, name means both first and last name with no space between. If you prefer a specific wording other than that, you need to let me know before I set up the site.
You can choose to have a subdomain address, which is simply a different address format. In subdomain addressing, the name part takes the place of the www instead of going at the end after a slash. For example, would become

Site Size
There is no set limit on the size of your site. However, when the site as a whole gets too large, I will have to request more space on the server, so use common sense. Also keep in mind that I will need to upload all the site updates myself, so don’t make more work for me than you need to.

File Management for Do-it-yourselfers
If you are creating the site yourself, you must create the site in a folder called name (first name only or firstlast if your last name is not Sutphen). The main page should be called index.htm.
You must have a link back to the home page using either a text link or the star icon. I can e-mail you the image to use, or I can create the link for you after you send me your files.
If you have several images, create an images folder in your site folder and place them there. This will make it easier for me.
Send me the entire folder, preferably as a zipped file. I will add it to the site on my computer and upload it to the site.

Updating Your Site
After your site in uploaded (available on the internet), you can e-mail me with any changes you want to make. Keep in mind that I maintain the website as time allows, so changes may not be made immediately.

Email me if you have any questions or to set up your site.

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Last updated March 18, 2006