Sheryl Sutphen: Wild Kingdom

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We have several raccons that come visit the back yard, as well as possums, armadillos, a skunk, a red-tailed hawk, lots of birds and squirrels, owls, turtles, toads, green tree snakes, and a coyote on occasion. I even walked right up on a bobcat one morning - that will wake you up.

Although we have several raccons that come & eat dinner here, only a few will come right up to us and eat out of our hands.

Big Daddy was my favorite; he was an older raccoon who wasn't bothered by anything, moved a little slow, and would sit right down and make himself comfortable. We think Big Daddy probably died last fall, and I miss seeing him around.

Napoleon got her name because she was a little raccoon who bossed everyone else around. She has grown and mellowed a bit since then. She had 3 babies last year, and would bring them up to the house to visit. She figured out that she could use her babies as a tool to get more food from us. The babies are grown now, but hopefully Napoleon will have another family this year.

Big Daddy & Napoleon

Napoleon & baby

Napoleon & baby

Baby under chair

Doug feeding Napoleon

Napoleon and all 3 babies found the cup of food
in the patio 7/2/05

Big Daddy lounging

Another raccoon we nicknamed Tripod because it has a bad arm. Tripod had a hard time getting a handful of food and walking with it because of the bad arm, so he learned to walk on two legs.

Most of the raccoons disappeared over the winter, and we're waiting to see if they come back for the summer.

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